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Brisbane Metal Roofing has a reputation for having the best full time colorbond roofing installers in South East Queensland (we won’t sub contract out your roofing project). Weather you need a new roofing, fascia, gutters, downpipes or you are replacing an old roof. Brisbane Metal Roofing has got you covered.

We exclusively use Colorbond Roofing material in the full range of Colorbond colours. Colorbond roofing materials are the leading name in Metal roofing in Australia. Colorbond is tested in Australia harsh climate, so you know that you’re getting tried and true metal roofing products.

Your family home is your most valuable asset so why not protect it with a Colorbond metal roof installed by Brisbane Metal Roofing.

Brisbane Metal Roofing has the full range of Colorbond roofing materials for your home, warehouse or factory. So why not call us today and organize a free quote for your new Colorbond roof installed by Brisbane Metal Roofing.


downpipes & Insulation

asbestos removal

Nothing looks better than a new Colorbond fascia and gutter system. Brisbane Metal Roofing are the experts in fascia and gutter contractors.  New or replacement colorbond fascia and guttering are our specialty. With wide ranges of profiles in the complete colorbond range, we have fascia and gutter system for every application.

If you’re having trouble getting water to run out of your gutter the way it should or you’re just sick and tired of those dripping corners and joins. Call Brisbane Metal Roofing today. “We’ve got you covered”

Brisbane Metal Roofing specialize in all colorbond products including Fascia, Guttering, and Downpipes. Overtime gutters can become rusted and the water won't flow towards where the downpipes are located... Gutter replacement is quick and easy. We can show you all the gutter styles and colour, install new brackets and get that water flowing out the downpipes the say way it should. We offer square or round colorbond or PVC Downpipes that can be painted your favourite colour.

When it comes to Asbestos. Safety comes first! If you have an old Asbestos roof, don't just leave it to any old Asbestos removal contractor. Speak to the experts in Safe Asbestos Removal. Brisbane Metal Roofing can safely remove your old asbestos roof and replace it with a new colorbond roof. We will issue you with a Clearance Certificate that you can say that all Asbestos was safely removed from your property. We care for you, your family, our staff and our community. Become the envy of your street with a new colorbond roof from Brisbane Metal Roofing

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